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version 0.0.7
[[桌面端下载]]Release Desktop APP 0.0.7 (Alpha Testing) · logseq/logseq · GitHub


  1. 桌面端支持自动升级(试验性)
  2. 添加‘data-refs’和‘data-href’属性使得css更强(Propositions to empower css mods: - Feature Requests - Logseq)



  1. 相对路径问题,本地images可以在Github上正常显示了
  2. 不在块面包屑路径中显示属性的问题(Don’t display properties in the block breadcrumbs)
  3. 标题的背景色不显现
  4. ‘\draw’在Github repos上工作不正常


  1. 磁盘导入文件时显示加载按钮
  2. 当有多个具有相同title属性的文件,显示警告框
  3. UI改进

[[Feb 5th, 2021]]

Version 0.0.7
[[Desktop app]] download link:


1. Auto-update support for desktop app #experiment

2. Add both data-refs and data-href attributes to make css more power


German translation by [[rcvd]]

A forked cljs-time by [[rainmote]]

Add TODO and “/” shortcuts to mobile bar, by [[akhater]]

Create Build LogSeq Desktop for windows on Ubuntu, by [[akhater]] #doc

CSS mod colorful indentation lines, by [[cannibalox]] #css

CSS mod custom columns/cards view (kanban), by [[cannibalox]] #css

Glossary - draft work in progress, by [[Cobblebot]] #doc

Awesome video by [[Santi Younger]]

{{youtube Roam Research Best Free Alternative - Logseq - YouTube}}

[[Fixed Issues]]

Some highlights:

Relative file path issue, local images should be displayed well on GitHub now

Don’t display properties in the block breadcrumbs

Head’s background color is not rendered

/draw not working well with GitHub repos


Display a loading button when importing files from the disk

Display a warning box if there’re multiple files with the same title attribute

UI improvements

其实"1. 相对路径问题,本地images可以在Github上正常显示了"的问题并没有解决 :rofl:估计得等下个版本了