fatal: unable to move C:/Users...

打开Logseq总是报 fatal: unable to move C:/Users/xxx/.logseq/git/Dcomma_Notes_Logseq/.git to C:/Users/xxx/.logseq/git/Dcomma_Notes_Logseq/.git: Directory not empty。自动同步也同步不下来,对这些了解得不多,请问为什么会这样?

Version: 0.8.7

I wrote an answer 2 month ago in reddit. I pasted here. Check out via: Can someone help me out with this? My changes aren’t being saved, I’ve lost some data, etc : logseq

Cleaning cache, re-index or restart is not working.

In my situation, it’s seem like git have something not committed. (I guess reason is that, at
last logseq get struck with something reason, and I kill it simply. :sweat_smile:)

  1. Clean your cache, close logseq nornally. Then open your terminal, cd your root dircetory. and just commit all.
    PS E:\OneDrive\logseq> git status
    PS E:\OneDrive\logseq> git add .
    PS E:\OneDrive\logseq> git commit -m "git for not staged"
  2. Then restart logseq, select directory, and re-index, it should work :slight_smile:
  3. If still throw error, open resource monitor to check if any process using your .git directory (search handles .git in resource monitor), then kill them, and repeat the above way.